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14 Penis Enlargement Tips For Better Sexual Performance

May 2nd, 2014

If you are embarrassed with your penile size, you no longer have to fret. There are various male enlargement techniques and pills like VigRX plus you can use to increase your penis size.


Along with these techniques and pills, these natural penis enlargement tips prove helpful to you.

Penis Enlargement Tips

  1. Avoid tobacco products as it is not only hazardous to health, it has a major role in erectile and impotence problems in men.
  2. Alcohol consumption should be moderate as excessive drinking makes it difficult to achieve erections and maintain a healthy penis.
  3. Stay active as a sedentary lifestyle triggers health problems. Exercise at least 3-5 times a week as a bulging waistline is not only ugly, but also reduces your penile size.
  4. Follow a healthy, low-fat and high-fibre diet as high cholesterol levels clog penile blood vessels and leads to impotence.
  5. Include more of zinc laden food like lean beef, crabmeat, oysters, cereal, turkey and lamb to your diet. Eat more of fruits, vegetables, and fish like salmon, mackerel and tuna for extra power in bed. The more vitamins and essential minerals in the diet, the harder and better erections you get. This sends positive vibes on your penis enlargement efforts.
  6. Reduce stress as a happy and stress-free lifestyle not only improves mental health, but also improves physical health. Yoga or tai-chi helps relax your mental and physical state and helps by providing fast and natural male enlargement.
  7. Sweetened products, additives and food preservatives should be avoided as much as possible. Also avoid canned fruits and vegetables with less than half the nutrients.
  8. Eat more of high quality protein like egg whites, fish and chicken and buy as much organic food as possible.
  9. Mix one part of honey and walnuts and take the mixture with milk thrice a day, half an hour before meals. Follow this regime for a month.
  10. Mix 2 tablespoons of ground carrots with a glass of milk and heat on low heat for 10 minutes. Drink 100 ml of the extract thrice a day for a week.
  11. Mix a part of fresh, raw carrot juice with a part of honey and drink a quarter of the mix thrice a day.
  12. Try grinding a glass of walnuts, raisins, prunes and dried apricots with 2 lemons with the skin on. Add one and a half glass of honey to the mixture and stir and take a tablespoon of the mixture thrice a day, an hour before meals till you finish the mixture.
  13. Add a tablespoon of wild rose hips to 2 glasses of boiling water and boil for ten minutes. Let it sit for 2-3 hours and drink a quarter to a half of the extract 3-4 times a day with honey.
  14. Mix a part of ginger powder with a part of honey and drink half teaspoon of the mix thrice a day.

Besides these penis enlargement tips, it is important that you take male enhancement pills like VigRX plus for faster results. In fact, these pills or these also help curb other sexual problems like quick loss of erection, premature ejaculation or low testosterone levels (which as you know reduce your sex drive and bed performance).